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COVID-19 & Kids: What Parents Need to Know

COVID-19 & Kids: What Parents Need to Know

Coronavirus infection spreads easily in children. Though it is mild in children, few children might become serious and require inpatient care. Coronavirus positive children with mild symptoms can be taken care of at home. 

Some common symptoms of coronavirus infection include:

Fever, chills, cough, throat pain, vomiting, diarrhea, tiredness. All these features may not be present in everyone. Some children may have only one or two symptoms.

How to take care of corona positive (COVID 19 infection) children at home?

  1. Keep the child in a separate room (at least 10 days)
  2. Child should be taken care by a single person at home
  3. A child above 2 years of age can wear a mask
  4. Provide regular nutritious food and plenty of liquids (water, milk, porridge etc.).
  5. The person taking care of the child must wear a mask; it is advisable to wear gloves wherever possible.
  6. The baby’s clothes, towels, trays, glasses should be removed separately and then cleaned with hot water.
  7. Other persons in the home, especially the elderly, must remain separate from the child.
  8. The most important symptoms that caregiver/parents should notice are:*
    1. If the baby is breathing fast
    2. Chest in drawing
    3. Hands and feet becoming cold or blue
    4. Child is looking dull
    5. Not eating well
    6. Passing less urine 
    7. Redness of eye and mouth
    8. Abdomen pain, vomiting,
    9. Too much tired
  9. “If any of the above symptoms appear, the child should be taken immediately to the hospital”.

Contact JSS Hospital Helpline if you have any other questions or concerns about the child’s health.

(0821 – 2335555)