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Dysphagia – A difficult diagnosis to swallow!

Swallowing difficulties impact normal life drastically not only for the patient but even their care givers. It often leads to malnutrition, dehydration and recurrent chest infections.

Mortality rates are also significantly high among these patients.

Sometimes, patients have recurrent hospital admission and prolonged hospitals stays leading to repeated courses of antibiotics and dependence on feeding tubes, which in turn, increase the financial burden of the families.

Not withstanding its incidence and the influence, it has on so many aspects of daily life as well as on health and wellbeing, swallowing disorders remains undetected and untreated in many medical institutions and residential care home, globally.

The need for professional and personalized management of dysphagia patients is growing.

Identification is vitally important but can be difficult because stroke patients with dysphagia rarely perceive that they have a swallowing problem.

Diagnosis and management of oropharyngeal dysphagia needs an interprofessional approach.

Our dysphagia interprofessional special interest team includes several professional domains: nurses, speech-swallow therapists, gastroenterologists, ENT specialists, neurologists, social worker, rehabilitation physicians, dietitians, radiologists, and geriatricians.

The involvement of patient’s family in the diagnostic and therapeutic process is of capital importance.

Each team member is aware of the signs and symptoms of OPD and collaborates with other team members to reach an optimum outcome.

At JSS Hospital, we provide holistic approach to dysphagia under one roof for all age groups