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Ear Infection Symptoms and Remedies

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Ears are beautiful sense organs that humans have that helps us to hear as well as maintain in our body. They say ‘Nothing beats hearing the right words at the right time’. Keeping our ears hale and healthy is necessary for a physically, mentally, and socially happy mindset. 

Ear care is about taking steps to keep our ears clean, avoid harmful noise, watch for hearing loss and apprehend self medications.

What do you need to know about Ear Infection?

  • An ear infection occurs when a bacterial or viral organism affects the external or inner part of the ears
  • Ear infections can be acute or chronic
  • Ears could develop infection irrespective of the age group from breastfeeding infants to the elderly
  • A few common symptoms of ear infection include – ear pain, ear blocked sensations, pus-like ear discharge, hearing loss, giddiness

How to prevent ear infection?

  • Keep your ears clean by washing them and using cotton swab carefully without using much force
  • Avoid introducing any foreign body, eg. pen, keys, toothpicks, etc.
  • Refrain loud noises through headphones and being around a noisy environment
  • Wash your hands and try avoiding contact with people having colds or upper respiratory symptoms
  • Manage your allergies with proper medications
  • Keep your blood sugar level checked
  • Avoid self medications

Ear self-care tips

  • Have your ear checked regularly by your doctors
  • Seek your doctor’s advice if you injure your ears or experience any of the ear infection symptoms rather than medicating yourselves from over the counter medications
  • Keep away small items from children which can easily go into their ears
  • Dry your ears after showering or swimming
  • Avoid hard blowing of your nose
  • Avoid loud music and noises. Use earplugs in noisy working conditions
  • Don’t smoke
  • Always wear a helmet while riding to protect your ears too.
  • Manage stress levels, exercise and eat healthily