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How To Make Your Weight Right

Losing weight can guarantee solution to multiple problem but….are you really sure all your problem can be solved losing weight?

For this you also have to know the real cause- how metabolism can help lose weight!

Metabolism can be improved if we increased muscle mass..

If you will gain muscle you will see amazing inch loss, a well shape curvy body unlike men.

Muscle is metabolically high and fat is metabolically low. If you want to really see improvement in your metabolism, start improving muscle mass. With growing muscle size, the fat loss happens for around 48hrs.

How to improve Metabolism:

1- Improve workout routine. Its only workout, that can grow the size of muscle. Diet cannot breakdown muscle or grow it. Nutrition only helps in feeding the broken muscle to grow in size.

2- Improve your protein intake. Egg, chicken, fish, curd, paneer, whey, soy improves muscles growth and repair.

3- Improve your sleep time as while sleeping muscle recovery happens.

4- Have smaller and frequent meals. The ones who have really slow metabolism, they shouldn’t be

Fasting a lot or go on a low calorie diet. Small frequent meals works best for them.

5- Don’t be deficient in nutrients. Have enough omega 3, vegetables for phytonutrients to improve metabolism. Eating enough vegetables improves liver health where all the food gets metabolized.

Start your day with soaked almonds or soaked raisins NOT with coffee or tea.

Eat a wholesome meal between 4 to 6PM in the evening. Plan for it to have a handful of nuts, poha, upma, dosa, egg tost, kosambari, mixed sprots etc..

Don’t kill your appetite with tea or coffee in order to avoid over eating at dinner, poor sleep, slow digestion, PCOD, thyroid issue and insulin insensitivity

Move more sit less

100 steps after dinner

How to stop craving?

Include healthy fats in diet: 10 almonds, any nuts, flaxseeds, chia seeds, whole egg, avocado, olives.

Have banana or any fresh fruits.

3 wrong ways of making a meal plan routine: 

To have a Healthy Diet Routine, a well plan week is important to maintain but most people are

Struggling with complicated and unrealistic Meal Plans that can get tasking to complete. Here are 3 commonly done mistakes-

1- Not preparing the right amount of food, Not understanding how much to eat, in what quantity, how to portion the food, what to avoid? What to eat? How often to eat?

2- Choosing multiple and challenging recipes to cook. To have a well-balanced diet, one need not prepare extensive recipes. It can be made simpler, yet balanced.

3- Making complicated and unrealistic plans:

Including fancy ingredients which are expensive or difficult to find.

Are you also struggling to Meal a well Balanced Meal Plan for you and to your family?

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