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Comprehensive Diabetic Care Centre (CDCC) JSS Hospital, Mysuru

Care of Diabetic Foot

Diabetes can affect the feet and can serious complications. It can damage the nerves, decrease the blood supply and cause gangrene. The infection in the feet can also be a worrisome situation as it takes more time to heal and the patients can lose the limb (amputation).

To save the leg, the following precautions has to be followed

  • The feet has to be examined daily with the help of a mirror for any wound or blisters
  • Wash the feet daily with lukewarm water.   Ideally the temperature should be checked by a thermometer. Avoid hot water
  • Dry the feet with a soft washcloth or sponge by blotting or patting and also dry in between the toes
  • Moisturize daily the dry skin, but avoid between the toes as it can cause fungal infection
  • Cut the nails straight across and file the edges. Nails should not be cut too short, as this could lead to ingrown toenails
  • If corns and calluses develop, the doctor should be consulted immediately
  • Clean and dry socks should be worn. They should have extra cushioning. Elastic tops should be avoided and they should be higher than the ankle. They should be made from fibers that wick moisture away from the skin
  • If the feet get cold at night, socks should be worn. Heating pad or a hot water bottle should not be used
  • Shoes should be checked inside and felt inside before wearing to check for a pebble or other foreign objects as these could injure the feet
  • Buy the Shoes for morning and Sandals during evening time, because there could be swelling of the feet and the size could be bigger
  • Avoid walking barefoot, even at home as this could prevent stepping on something and get injured
  • Diabetes should be under good control
  • Stop smoking as this could further decrease the blood flow to the feet
  • Foot examination should be done regularly by a surgeon to prevent the foot complications of diabetes
  • Foot exercises to be done 3 times daily as advised by the doctor

For More information Kindly contact Comprehensive Diabetic Care Center (CDCC), 2nd Floor Master Health Check-up Area, JSS Hospital, Mysuru.Phone no 0821 – 233 5505

Dr. Rajendra Prasad
In charge, Comprehensive Diabetic Care Center (CDCC),
Associate Professor, Dept of General Medicine, JSS Hospital, Mysuru